Friday, August 1, 2008

EU Membership: The antidote for corruption?

Is EU membership an antidote for corruption? It seems as though that could be the case.

In a synopsis of a recent poll of perceived corruption in many countries, Transparency International noted that the prize of EU membership was enough to galvanize and encourage governments to clamp down on corruption in their countries.


So, one of the goals of the EU, to promote good governance in the states of Europe, seems to be working. Because candidates for EU membership have to demonstrate that their countries are not corrupt, and that democracy and economic institutions are strong and stable, states put in considerable effort to get their countries into tip-top shape, pressured by their populaces eager to join the EU. Because of this, corruption has decreased in many of the countries of eastern and southeastern Europe.

Now if there were only some way to similarly entice other corrupt countries and regions of the world to fight the corruption which is holding down their nations' development.

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